Probate Court

         Office Hours: Mon-Fri 
         8:00 am - 4:00 pm
         Phone: (906) 387-2080
         Fax:     (906) 387-4134   
        Alger County Probate/Family Court
        101 Court St, Munising, MI 49862

        Hon Charles C Nebel
        Probate/Family Court Judge

        Probate Court Staff:

        Kristine M. Dausey, Probate Register, Court Administrator, Court Recorder
        Kathy Mallard, Deputy Probate Register

        Juvenile Court Staff:

        Jamie Nebel, Juvenile Officer, Court Administrator
        Barry Johnson, Family Court Caseworker/Diversion

        Duties and Responsibilities

        Probate Court

        • appoints guardians and conservator for minors, incapacitated individuals, and developmentally disabled individuals
        • files wills and trusts for safekeeping
        • commit mentally ill individuals
        • adjudicates and disposes deceased estates

        Family Division of Circuit Court:

        • orders changes of names
        • files and finalizes adoptions
        • divorce, paternity, family support, custody, parenting time disputes
        • personal protection orders

        Juvenile Division of Circuit Court:

        • juvenile delinquency cases
        • neglect and abuse cases
        • juvenile traffic cases
        • foster care program
        • supervision of youth on diversion
        • in-home care programs
        • regional detention support services program
        • community service program